smme-support-planIn 2019, the Department developed the SMME Support Plan. The plan details how the work of Department and its entities will contribute to the Medium-Term Strategic Framework and the National Development Plan 2030 objectives.

It is as a dedicated programme to transform and integrate opportunities in townships and rural areas into productive business ventures. The focus is to create platforms which provide the business support infrastructure and regulatory environment that enables entrepreneurs to thrive. It is an overarching plan that entails programmes and interventions that are geared towards direct support of SMMEs and Cooperatives, targeting women, youth, and people with disabilities.

The SMME Support Plan comprises of nine interventions namely:

  • SheTradesZA
  • 1 000 Young Entrepreneurs
  • SMME Expansion
  • Township and Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Incubation and Digital Hubs
  • Co-operatives
  • Informal Business
  • SMME Products
  • Start-up Nations

Download the plan here.