The Department of Small Business Development announces GUIDELINES FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE SPAZASHOPS AND GENERAL DEALERS SUPPORT SCHEME IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NEDBANK which opened on Saturday, 18 April 2020
To improve access to the Spaza shops and General Dealers Support Scheme, the Department of Small Business Development wishes to clarify the following:

a) The support scheme also benefits the general dealers/ traditional grocery stores in townships and villages with applicable licenses that are 100% owned by South Africans.
b) Whereas the local hardware stores are also beneficiaries under this scheme, their funding package is being finalised to ensure their ability to operate as their businesses have been included in the updated list of businesses offering essential services. The support for artisans (e.g.: plumbers, electricians etc.) whose services have been classified as essential will also be announced during the week.
c) TheDepartmenthasfinalisedanAgreementwithNEDBANKtosupportSpazashopsand general dealers on the back of the Khula Credit Guarantee Scheme of SEFA. Engagements to on-board the other banks continuing. Support through NEDBANK and its channels became available from Saturday, 18 April 2020.
d) Given their footprint, NEDBANK has availed the NEDBANK Desks that are found in all the BOXER stores countrywide to serve as additional service points.

Guidelines for participation in the spazashops and general dealers support scheme

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