The purpose of the Small Enterprise Manufacturing Support Programme is:

  • To build a manufacturing sector for an improved industrial base (productive economy) through a focused import replacement programme; and
  • Build the industrial base for both the domestic market and external market (in particular, the African Union market).

The programme aims to contribute to South Africa’s localization strategy by supporting manufacturing enterprises to:

  • Increase the relative contribution of manufacturing to GDP;
  • Grow manufacturing employment targets;
  • Change the structure of manufacturing to high tech manufacturing;
  • Increase labour productivity’ and
  • Drive import replacement through locally manufactured goods increase exports in manufactured goods.

Light Consumer Goods:

  • Food and Beverages/ agro-processing;
  • Clothing, leather and textiles;
  • Petroleum and chemical products; and
  • Furniture and other manufacturing.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing:

  • Electrical machinery;
  • Green technology/ Digital Technology- 3D; and
  • printing, etc.

Revitalize Industrial Production:

  • Basic Iron and Steel.

Scope of the programme:

  1. Furniture manufacturing – Furniture manufacturers, including coffin makers;
  2. Basic iron, metal and steel manufacturing – Manufacturers and suppliers of iron and steel products;
  3. Petroleum and chemical manufacturing – Manufacturers of sanitisers, disinfectants, recycling, paints, oils, hair & skin products, and related products;
  4. Food and Beverages manufacturing – Agro-processors of primary agricultural products including beverages sourced from small-scale farmers;
  5. Clothing, leather and textiles – The makers of shoes, linen, garments including pattern makers, designers, tannery and fabric manufacturers amongst others;
  6. Electrical machinery manufacturing – Manufacturers of transformers, electric generators, electric motors, high voltage engineering, and power electronics; and
  7. Green Technology/ Digital Technology – Makers of PV panels, clean coal technology,3D printing.

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